Pop Culture At Its Tastiest!

Pop ~ Of or Relating to Popular Culture

Pastiche ~ a literary, musical, or artistic piece consisting wholly or chiefly of motifs or techniques borrowed from one or more sources.
~an incongruous combination of materials, forms, motifs, etc., taken from different sources; hodgepodge.

Designing & Creating sassy cards, apparel & gifts. Inspired by Popular Culture, Pop Art, Reality TV, Music, YouTube, Pets, Sarcasm & Etc.


Why PopPastiche? I like the hodgepodge of popular culture, art and humor all wrapped up into a whimsical package.

PopPastiche was not born overnight. I began my career in the Advertising industry with an MFA in Creative Writing. I started making cards for my friends just for fun. I wanted something unique, so I made it. At some point in 2012, I threw a few of these cards up on an old Etsy store and watched to see what would happen. It took years before anything really came of it, but slowly over time my cards, pictures, listings got better and suddenly I was making a second income. By this point I had left Advertising, had a series of stints in other jobs and had gone out on my own as a freelance writer & designer. Never happier, I write and design for a living. It's like getting paid to play. I love working on PopPastiche, and hope that it only continues to grow.

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